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 Recruitment and Requirements

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PostSubject: Recruitment and Requirements   Recruitment and Requirements Icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2008 7:48 am

If you would like to join the =]HGA[= Clan in AA what you need to do is these things
Answer these questions:
Real Name -
Age -
Game Name -
And your Guid -
Location -
Are you wanting Player Admin -

You must play on the server when members or Admins are there we will see how you play please be regular on server before you apply that way it gives a chance to get to know you first.
all new members will have background checks done (ingame) so anything against your name please tell a founder to prevent dismissal from recruitment .

You must be active on the forums as well as teamspeak and the server if this is a problem
please PM a Founder with your reasons.

The Process:
If we have played you on the server for awhile we will then tell you to change your name in game to include the recruit tag =]HGAr[= then between 1-2 weeks (depending on your activity) we will grant full tag if you remain active (We have a voting system and all =]HGAr[= will have a full members vote run on them).

Join us on Teamspeak the information about that is on this link
And if you would like server Admin on the =]HGA[= server you must be able to pay 5 a monthly to insure the servers survival for those not sure of payments or Admin powers for help PM a Founder

Founders: =]HGA[=Recount =]HGA[=Toxin =]HGA[=Fallin

Recruitment and Requirements Sigaf9
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Recruitment and Requirements
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