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 Something for all us multicore users!!!

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Something for all us multicore users!!! Empty
PostSubject: Something for all us multicore users!!!   Something for all us multicore users!!! Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2008 2:17 pm

Submitted by SIGHT

Compiled from this thread: http://aaotracker.com/thread.php?threadid=182092

Warning - not for noobs - proceed at your own risk - For AMD or Intel

I think we all know it, America's Army only uses one core. But Windows doesn't know that. The forum-moderators on the official forum claim that if you let the game run on one core ( something you can do manually in the taskmanager ), you will reduce the amount of critical errors.

If you let the game run on one core, it also fixes the framerate bugs. No more -13517 FPS

I did some searching on Google, desperately looking for a solution so that I don't have to change the CPU Affinity every time I play the game. I want my game to run stable at all times, and I don't want negative framerates.

I found a nice tool "ForceCore 1.1" that allowed me to run every game on a specific amount of cores. This release, 1.2, is 100% based on the 1.1 sourcecode writtin in 2006 by a guy named Peter K Kuhn. So remember that HE is the one who came up with the code.

1. What do you need if you want to use this software?

Microsoft .Net 2.0:

Download Forcecore.zip here --> http://forums.dbd-clan.net/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=item8

2. How to install the software?

Just place the file "Forcecore.exe" anywhere you want - make it easy and copy it to C:

3. How to use the software?

Just go to your AA (or whatever program) desktop shortcut, right mouse click and select properties. In the Target are replace whatever is there with the following:

[Forcecore.exe path][core value][ArmyOps.exe path]

For example
C:\Forcecore.exe -1 C:\Program Files\America's Army\ArmyOps.exe

[core values]
-1 = Random core
1 = 1 Core
2 = 2 Cores
3 = 3 Cores


PS: You can use this tool for any game/program you want.

To test that your CPUs run syncronized - download and run ICEAffinityTest.exe
Download it here --> http://dbd-clan.net/images/ForceCore/ICEAffinityTest.exe

If its says your computer is perfect you dont need to consider this fix.

Good luck - report your experience on this thread please.
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Something for all us multicore users!!!
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