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 Ok.,..I have an issue

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Ok.,..I have an issue Empty
PostSubject: Ok.,..I have an issue   Ok.,..I have an issue Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2008 3:07 pm

Red star wrote this:

To =CMW= n00bs

First of all =CMW= are n00bs, yes everyone of them, i am sorry but i have yet to be on their server without them accusing me of ghosting or hacking. when they finally realise i dont hack
they turn to say (after hours and hours of PWNAGE) that i only play def and it requires no skill. i have yet to meet a =CMW with a positive fragrate in the game. yes u =CMW= all suck,
u guys all have it completely right they live by the law of "Do as i say, NOT as i do". Tartan himself showed his childness in my HGA application, and many others.
was looking forward to teabagging some =CMW=s today but apparently HGA arnt welcome there anymore, (Good Riddence).

the guy that regularly kicks ur ass on ur server,

Red Star Commando (Dizzee)

Since the post is locked I want to respond. Now mind you I just had knee surgery today and am medicated for the pain, so I may ramble.

I play both sides. assult and defense. And if you actually go to aatracker, there are many of us with positive frag rates. But alas, it is just a game and all of us (both parties) need to remember that. Now with that said, I can empathize with you all to a point, but I will not discuss that. What I do have issue with is Eternal post. Before he goes out and busts on intelligence perhaps he should do some research on the people he is busting on:
Agreed. I also forgot to thank www.freetranslation.com for there expansive translations. I manged to translate the CMW language of primitive english into something that the general public or for CMW(the guys with the clothes on) can understand. i think my 8 year old couson has more sentence structure than half the apes at CMW Admin Creche *Cough* server.

Yours in Dearest faith.


I am an older player. Let's talk.... I hold two bachelors in telecommunications and business admin. I hold a masters in infromation systems and working on a second in the form of a MBA. I hold numerous Citrix, Novell and Microsoft certifications and am nowhere "primitive". Before you talk shit about CMW being primitive, none of us still live at home with the rents. Do I know if you do? No? So with that said if any of HGA would desire to have a one on one discussion with me offline, I am open to discussion. Private thoughts should be private. So let's talk.

I personally have no issues with you guys, as I am a laid back kind of guy, but being Irish, when my steam gets up, I can blow up with the best of them, but I feel that anger should be checked at the door and only used as a last resort.

Let us remember guys, that this is just a fucking game and nothing more. Run your life, don'tlet some silly ass computer game run it.

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Ok.,..I have an issue Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ok.,..I have an issue   Ok.,..I have an issue Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 7:11 am

HI Loopie,

I'll lock this, we can talk private.

Cheers :-)

Ok.,..I have an issue Recoun10
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Ok.,..I have an issue
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