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 HGA clan members conduct

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HGA clan members conduct Empty
PostSubject: HGA clan members conduct   HGA clan members conduct Icon_minitimeFri Sep 05, 2008 11:43 am

This goes for all members present and future ones

first off this isnt saying dont have fun but rather dont waste others fun
have a bit of banter slagging match call others noob but dont disrespect members and guests

Conduct on teamspeak
I have told members on many ocassions about things thats acceptable and things thats not
we are all aware that poeple are not saints we understand that fully
we dont want people to not be themself but understand we dont want arguments on teamspeak or background noise coming through your mic causing feedback for other members
things that are not allowed are talking about drugs openly other than alcohol in channels i will be creating a Offensive channel in teamspeak for anyone wanting to go there and talk freely thats your choice but dont come expecting any repracusions for anything said or heard in that channel so enter at own risk
Things you dont have on TS unless in the above named channel
Debates about Religon
Drugs other than Alcohol
Things never allowed on TS
Bullying ( you might laugh but bullying is able to be done trough ts and will result in a ban duration results in the severity of it )

Conduct on the Forums
please remember people although it is fun to post shit respect the area in which it be seen although the forums are here to speak your mind keep it in mind that what is said stays here with that in mind please conduct the posts in a less vulgor manner

Conduct on the Server
we have had people complaining the PA's(Player Admins) are changing the map without consideration for other PA's, FCing (ForceClassing) different weapons in the middle of a game
it may seem like fun at the time just remember the more people that join us some will be paying which means that either it reduces the clans cost of membership or alllows our members special access to features thats in the process of discussion
but all PA's are members who Pay to Play in other words the have the choice but it doesnt mean you have the right to force other PA's to play what they dont want to go to it
if a map change is thought to happen all PA's must agree before the swap is made choose unless the agree to put a vote in for a map change
members who dont Pay dont have a say unless all PA's agree to listen

ForceClassing must be done in the first 30 seconds or not at all
a late forceclass allows some stupid noob to drop weapon or zoom in which can cause unfairness amongst other players remember that before you FC a late weapon
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HGA clan members conduct
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