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From the midst of broken games comes the allaince to out stand all others no matter weither its RPG, FPS, RTS or even RG come and unite here and become a Hybrid Gamer
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PostSubject: Announcement   Announcement Icon_minitimeTue Jun 03, 2008 1:06 pm

i would like to welcome all the new members that we have and all the ones that i havent said hi to previously so Hi

ok now as for the amount of games listed they are only a few as when deciding to create this alliance we jump feet first
but rest assured that this will become a fantastic alliance if you stick with us and bear through the tuff times

everyone can post types of games the play its not restricted to founders or administrators and remember that all gaming types are welcome hence why we are known as Hybrid Gaming Alliance

ok in regards to Dekaron we are very close to having the guild back up as you may already know it requires a lvl 52 character and 1 million and this time it will be set up by a trusted member so that it does not get changed

and remember this
gaming with a clan is fun but its even more fun when you can talk to one another also it grants you more advantages being able to slaughter monsters in dekaron and ask for help from your guild or if your on COD4 (call of duty 4) being able to talk as if you where in the same room reporting enemy's is maid so much easier without the annoyance of typing so it may be worth picking up even a cheap mic at 6 or so for all those people who are unaware of what teamspeak is check out the section in our forums
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