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 Games to Play

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PostSubject: Games to Play   Games to Play Icon_minitimeTue Sep 16, 2008 5:02 pm

Some games i like and think maybe some of u might too.

Rome Total War (Medievil Total War II is awesome too) u can play online and single player

Anarchy Online (Strictly online game) MMORPG

COD4 (Obviously) need i say more

not sure if Rainbow 6 vegas 2 is on PC but it rocks

All the FM/CM are great (thats football and championship managers)

The C&C (command & conquer series) not renegade it sux. get the last decade it has all of them. RA1 was brilliant but graphics suck now.

New Red alert is coming out ( they fucked it up with transforming tanks and armored bears but hey lets see how transformers and golden compass work as a game together.

Pharoah and ceaser, They are more bulding games but can be quite fun(not multiplayer)

oh HALO 3, Gears of War for 360 (if u have it)

Baldurs Gate Both for PC and Dark alliance for console which u can play 2 player story mode.

Diablo I and II are good havnt raelly played 2 but i hear good things.

Runescape!!!! lol! yeh right (NEVER EVER PLAY THAT GAME)

king king king king king king king king king king

any more people know of put a post up be nice to play sumthing new.

and also if u know any 2 player co-op games for the 360.
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Games to Play
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