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From the midst of broken games comes the allaince to out stand all others no matter weither its RPG, FPS, RTS or even RG come and unite here and become a Hybrid Gamer
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 Just for JOE

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PostSubject: Just for JOE   Just for JOE Icon_minitimeSun Oct 26, 2008 3:51 am

Quote :
Current Info
Name: =]HGA[=T-Bagger^
GUID: 281F7F7F5F1106B70DDAEAE83678ED38
MAC: 001E90CC52XX
Last seen: Oct 07, 2008 15:58:01

Current Bans: None

Previous Info
Other Name: =]HGA[=T-Bagger^, n00btub3, The..DoGG
Other IPs:,,,,,
Other MACs: 001644A272XX, 001BB9CD86XX, 001E90CC52XX

Linked Accounts

Restriction History
[03.23.2008 10:57:09] |33339| RESTRICTION: The..DoGG (slot #19) [281f7f7f5f1106b70ddaeae83678ed38(-)] Disallowed Program/Driver [79177]

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also not trying to start shit but i was trying to ask last night why you was once called The..DoGG
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Just for JOE
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