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 Americas Army Download

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PostSubject: Americas Army Download   Americas Army Download Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2008 3:50 am

ok as the title says its about americas army but dont let that put you off playing the game lol
the game is based on realism if you get hit you will bleed depending on were you got hit (and you can even kill enemys by making them bleed to death)
all guns come with range and wind drop affect if you die you have to wait for the next round to play it is that simple rounds usually range from 5 min to 7 min

the game also hosts loads of maps both ranged and close combat style battles - around 30+ maps which also comes with a map editor to create your own maps.
What separates this from most First Person Shooter games is the fact that it is totally free and of course it aspires on realism as was said before you are limited to 1 life per round and matches usually consist of 10/20 rounds - unlike Call Of Duty 4 its not a case run up try and kill as many enemys as possible die and do it again within 1 minutes time
strategy and stealth go well in this game

americas army download
you all will need to update after download so heres the patch patches

Americas Army Download Sigaf9
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Americas Army Download
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