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 staff summoner guid

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PostSubject: staff summoner guid   staff summoner guid Icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2008 6:51 pm

got this from 2moons world
Summoner - Staff Guide

1st off best offense is defense.

the pet u choose is all preference.

I chose libido because tarantuala does poison dmg. Which makes lvling fast in the beginning for staffs because the poison stacks.

your build should go 3/2 spirit/health and every 6th lvl 3 strength 1 health and 1 spirit . If you follow this pattern then when you reach the lvl for your next staff which is every six u will be able to weild it.

(Skill tree) my opinion. I like every skill except for summon blades. my suggestion max them except blades and twin slash. ( you can max summon blades l8r when u have extra sp to add for those people who have resistance to poison.

Skin of forgotten realm is very good skill dont listen to the rumors. If you are a pvper its usefull. The skill doesnĒt last long but how long do most pvp battles last? your answer Not very long. It adds alot of defense. I have it at lvl 3 right now and it adds like 50 defense not sure exact numbers.

thorns and evolt max them out right away. low mana cost for pve so grinding is good when lvling. also good for pvp but later on that. summon of bats is good for healing and aoe before u get summon of ghosts. good also in pvp my opinion. usually hits enemy 3-4 times and dmg is reasonable. Not a bad skill.

Use poison accesories or magic dmg accessories thats it. forget fire and other elements youíre a summoner not a mage.

(only use element stuff to kill bosses)

Grinding- There is no fast way of lvling except for lvling. 5-12 lvl in noob maze

12-34 castor

34-50 nunvince dungeon requies beach

50-60 castor floor 2- when you reach lvl 52 you get summoner of ghost. aggro mobs to gather your mobs around you and use summoner of ghost and bats. when doing this u will be aoeing and healing. faster experience.

60-crespo ( dungeon )although you can go here at 55

pvp-staff can be very good at pvp.

summoners-worthless fights-if higher lvls u will probably lose if they built right-lower lvls you will win

summoner swords-the trick is fight them head on. 1st cast SOFR tap Tilda summons of bats evolt thorn spam those 3. spam all skills if u have more but evolt and thorn have least cool down and least mana usage which can be a life saver if u need to pot hp. you should push the tilda key after every skill. the tilda key is ~ for those who dont know. use bats often and pot. dnt be cheap buy pots to fill up cuz those could be what saves u in any pvp match. I mean use the right amount for your health and mana. not 480 hp when u have 3500 hp make sense of it. you can win because you should be able to outlast them. You should have more hp and defense. If they have high defense then they are probably to weak to kill you.

summoner staffs-dnt bother fighting unless pking-best tip is be fast at comboing.

mages-tank them- they are easy to overwhelm with summon ,staff, and skills hitting they can die fast even if they are higher lvls. not way higher but within 8 lvls its possible to win.

segnales-same method as mage tank them.

Ash Knight- If lower or even lvl you should be able to tank them. funny thing is most players try to put more offensive dmg which makes it easier for you. if higher lvl keeps as much distance as possible without pulling your summon away from him. Just let your summon do the attking while u run in circles. he will start to get annoyed from your summon and start attking it. this is when u spam skills untill he comes for you. if you feel comfortable with how much dmg you done then tank. if not continue to run. Your summon dmgs enemies hp so either they attk it or you. Kiting can be good if u super pro but much of the time you will find that if you shoot a skill sometimes they sneak a hit in. which can mess up your whole rotation. if u do it right your summon can weaken him big time. you can usually tell when someone is starting to feel like its a losing battle for them.

Bagis-same as Ash Knight.

Hunter Archers- Same as Mages tank em

Hunter Daggers- These girls are tuff. If they built right with health you will find that they cancel skills alot. The aoe can kill you and summon at the same time. if u are using abedon use tarantula. I say this cuz tarantula wont always run to you if attking while abeddon will come close and hunters are close attkers. tank them but use bats and venom shot to push him back while your attking.

beginning of every battle use SOFR and resummon if your beast isnít full and donít be afraid to tank just because your staff.

Weaken them b4 tanking unless its a mage segnale or hunter. People have this belief that a staff summoner cant tank. That is false, all extra damage will help.

good trick is using both hands to pvp. one hand for skill keys and the other forr potting.

Please dont flame if its helpful utilize it. If not then you probably know how to play so why are you reading my guide.

goodluck and have fun builds should be your own because if you all build the same then players will no how to counter it. Use it as a guideline.

If you still have questions my IGN is SexGod

I also played 9d by the name of KenshiDemon

Credits to blindkenshi


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staff summoner guid
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