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 Classic style games

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PostSubject: Classic style games   Classic style games Icon_minitimeMon Jul 14, 2008 5:39 am

i came across this site about 5 years ago or more and its still running so i will post the link Smile

all the older gamers will remember this computer
the spectrum was the largest selling comp back in stone age times of comps

or a better way to say its the playstations 3's (Great x20 -Grandfather) lol


a must play is chaos

movement - W=up, X=down, A=left, D=right... also Q=u+l, E= u+r, Z= d+l, C= d+r
action buttons - S=cast/action, I=information, K=cancel (No)0=end turn

i think the keys are there on the site somewhere any other questions you can get me on ts tonight Wink
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Classic style games
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